Skype is an internet application used for providing instant online free SMS and video calling that has literally broken so many barriers to communications. However, people are still not content because Skype does not have a feature of recording Skype calls/videos. So if you have been thinking out of your head on how to save your interviews and video conferences for future use? Skype recording software will play the part in that case, since Microsoft does not offer a feature for Skype video recording, there is a third party support with quite a number of free Skype recorder for windows reviewed by TalkHelper of which we came up with our best pick of information that would help you have all your videos recorded on windows PC.

ProductQualityFeatureOS CompatibilityOur rate
TalkHelper Call Recorder for SkypeTop notch1). Video Recording
2). Audio Recording
3). Mp3 Recording
4). Automatic Recording
Windows 7 Or above5/5
Evaer Recorder for SkypeAverage1). Video Recording
2). Manual Recording
Windows 8, 104.5/5
Pamela for SkypeGood1). Auto recording
2). Screen recording
3). Podcast recording
Windows XP, 7,104.5/5
Vodburner for WindowsLow2). Audio RecordingWindows 74.0/5

TalkHelper Skype Video Recorder

TalkHelper Call Recorder

TalkHelper allows you to record all your video and audio calls in a high quality recording on windows; it is reliable and offers 7 days FREE trial without any limitations, as one of best Skype recorder on the market, TalkHelper call recorder you are able to record countless video call conversations as you would like to and save them smoothly as well as manage voice mails So that you can flash back any day, any time, As we all know that “Happiness is a long distance Skype call” with the people who mean the world to us! You can now replay those Skype calls and smile at memories in the future.

There are plenty of amazing things about this software to your advantage; it is a business tool used to organize your files, and records from within which makes every video frame in the course of a video call captured and saved and stores them locally as AVI files with XVID codec. Unlike other Skype recorder which are screen saver. TalkHelper works hand in hand with Skype for video call recording, of which it will automatically save your copy of video call with its details under the call recordings section the moment you get connected. All you have to do is to get your TalkHelper enabled. It gives you the freedom to turn off and turn on manually in settings .In addition; it remains compatible with Skype’s latest version which is v7.34. Choose TalkHelper app to rely on since it gives you the power to pause and resume your call recording with just a one click as well as editing out some recording segments you might not find necessary to keep.  Right below are some of its advantages and disadvantages.


  • It Auto records for both incoming and outgoing calls.
  • It supports video recoding
  • It’s easy to install
  • It features a Super High quality sound of recording
  • TalkHelper stores Video and call recordings separately from other notes
  • It is virus free to ensure your devices is safe
  • It lets you add memos for each recording
  • TalkHelper is fast when it comes to downloading, also available on their official website
  • It can still replay other media players after recording.


  • It has a large memory file
  • It does not feature any warning sound
  • It is a bit pricy

Evaer Recorder for Skype

evaer recorder

Evaer recorder for Skype is an easy tool for recording Skype calls with amazing features. It is very easy to install and requires no configuration after, of which you are capable to record in various modes for example: – Self-adaptive selection of video resolution, separate files, local-webcam-only & remote-webcam-only mode, side by side and both sides. All you have to do is to click allow access and it will automatically connect to Skype within a very short period of time. Recording video Skype calls has been made easy with Evaer since it has a feature to record Skype video calls into MP4 and stores your Skype video message and Skype voicemail directly in hard disk on your computer making it flexible to manage your VoIP calls, interviews and conferences; equally there is no data loss with capturing the original media data. It supports screen sharing while recording video calls; recording one at a time video call with changeable recording video codec and video resolution which also supports 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p) and frame rate, this is one of software that enables you to record Skype calls for free.


  • It is very simple and lightweight app
  • It records both video and audio calls
  • Previews video while recording Skype video calls
  • It supports two recording formats MP4 or AVI.
  • It is easy to record then play back
  • Shares music during the Skype call
  • Comes with automatic chat reply
  • It has a pause feature option


  • Large file size
  • No editing function

Pamela for Skype

pamela for skype

Pamela for Skype software is simple and easy to configure and is offered in four different types like Basic, Call Recorder, Professional and Business of which Basic is freeware with an allowance of 15 minutes per call recording without any functional limitation while recording.  It helps to record Skype video calls faster better yet can play audio files during a call and take notes during or after a call. It ideally recognizes every time you attempt to make a call and offers you the option to decide whether you want to go ahead and record or not and the moment you hang up your call in the software, the video recording will automatically appear in the list of also has professional and amazing features like: – playing sounds during a call with emotions, Different recording formats, you can record calls in mp3 or WAV audio formats, Ensures email forwarding, add notes after you click end on the call. Users are guaranteed to leave an automatic message to the caller in case you are far from you computer. Besides, upgrading from the application is as easy as clicking on the “Help” menu and then on “Check for update”. Download the new version and install it.


  • Its multifunctional ,records Call , Chat and Video.
  • It‘s an easy app to understand for all users.


  • Its premium version is expensive

Vodburner for Windows


Are you tired of making video conferences and interviews and don’t get a chance to save them for memories in the future? Well, I bet saving them would make them valuable thus they need to be treasured and recorded. Vodburner for windows is an average Skype call recorder Software that lets you record high-quality calls and get to edit it afterwards. To download and install this application on your computer costs zero shillings, all you need is to authorize Vodburner and then approve… Before you know it you will be connected. As soon as you finish installing then you are free to record all your Skype conversations at your own pace, and you can capture frame by frame, edit out all that you don’t need, create complete video productions, also add texts captions. Don’t wait for too long to experience a difference when making that call.

With Vodburner you can record each party in the video call to separate files, Create MP4 or WMV files that are suitable for sharing. as it is organized giving you an option to change in your desirable folder for easy access. The app works well with all windows users without any difficulties.


  • Its Sound quality is good
  • Easy to set up and launch
  • With this application, you can upload your videos to YouTube it if you are interested.
  • The Vodburner application stores all the details and has the capability to show the amount of space used.
  • Vodburner application starts to record automatically for both sides of your conversation, however, its optional, you either choose to record or not


  • It watermarks videos if you call a person that does not have Vodburner installed.
  • Its full version is costly
  • Its services for free version is limited
  • Vodburner takes a lot of space
  • Vodburner gives you an option to edit recorded files by adding some various transition effects.
  • Cannot record long conversation
  • The application is for windows only.

iFree Skype Recorder

iFree for Skype offers a easy way to record Skype calls in recommended format like MP3, MP4, OGG, etc, it works with almost all of the Skype versions and Windows OS versions.

Amolto Call Recorder

Amolto call recorder is not great option for recording Skype calls on Windows, it supports both of audio and video recording by a ease of way.

Ecamm Call Recorder

If you are a Mac OSx user, the Ecamm call recorder will be the first option for have your Skype calls recorded, it offers a simply UI to interact with.


Skype keeps the world talking  and now we have put together a list of our four best Skype video recorder for windows PC, let there be no more excuse not to keep the memories! However, not only can we keep the memories, we can podcast, and also collaborate. This is where these freeware come in. the ball is in your hands now to choose what might suit you best.