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Denver Skype Call recorder is an invaluable tool for recording a Skype call, but only if agents get appropriate consent. Otherwise, the legal liability can more than offset the gains from call recording.

For First National Capital Corp, the company narrowly avoided the legal snare that can come from unclear Skype call recording; it just had a lawsuit dismissed in California over its use of the technology.

The issue was making callers aware that it was recording Skype calls. First National had been covertly tapping the Skype phone conversations of its employees, and it was doing so using the one-party consent law of the plaintiff’s home state of Missouri.

Why is a Skype call recorder so important

It also is important that Skype contact center software be robust enough to handle such regulations, inserting a recorded Skype message or handling call recordings appropriately based on which state is being called by the agent.

Denver Skype Call Recorder delivers a number of benefits to the contact center, including agent training, performance monitoring and customer feedback collection via Skype. But if applicable laws are not followed, it also can become a costly expense!

Denver’s Call recording software developers could soon see a bump in adoption as one venerable and widely popular recording solution for Skype, Skype call recording, appears to face inconsistent support from its company.

Overview of features in Denver’s Skype recorder:

features of call recorder


What are the alternatives on different platforms

One of the first and most delightful domestic uses for Skype has been the ability to record Skype calls with Skype call recorder and video conversations on the service using third-party plugins such as TalkHelper‘s Skype Call Recorder on the Windows or Ecamm on MAC, and Denver for Linux. Whereas call recording a couple decades ago meant a special hardware solution (probably sourced from Radio Shack) and much hassle, the emergence of Skype and its API meant that anybody could record their calls with a simple software install.

Record Skype calls

With such software, Skype-to-Skype calls could be recorded for podcasts, interviews or archival purposes. For a relatively modest fee, users also could call landlines with their Skype account and thereby record those calls as well.

Microsoft recently announced that it would pull the plug on its API by the end of the year, only to reverse its course in the face of protests, all within the same week. Call recording on Skype will therefore still be an option (at least temporarily). On a blog post earlier this month, Skype said it would extend support for call recording and “until we determine alternative options or retire the current solution.”

We’ve been here before, however; that sinking feeling many of us got when we heard Google Reader would be discontinued has returned given the obvious direction Microsoft is taking. The days of third-party call recording solutions are numbered, and it is time to investigate alternate approaches.

What’s the future for a call recorder

Not all recording solutions for Skype are affected, of course. Some developers record video and audio directly from a computer screen rather than through the API. Those solutions will keep working.

Replay Video Capture, for instance, will be unaffected by Skype’s changes.

“Bottom line: it’s pretty good for us [because we can record directly from the screen],” said Bill Dettering, CEO of Replay Video Capture maker, Applian. “Actually we’re pretty psyched about it.”

Many Skype call recording solutions will need to be overhauled, however, and that inevitably will lead to broken functionality and less options. Third-party Skype call recording solutions have always been exceptionally reliable, and the loss will be felt even if there still will be alternatives.

Headsets to be used for recording

Skype also will destroy part of the functionality of specialized Skype headsets with the move: existing Skype headsets will only work as standard headsets going forward, and the control buttons built into the headsets will no longer work by the end of the year.

The cloud brings a lot of benefits, including continuous improvements to hosted software solutions. But for Skype users who use call recording solutions, the ugly side of the cloud is rearing its ugly head again.